Creative Industries: Theories and Practices
Creative Industries: Theories and Practices is the only book in Russia that gives you an opportunity to learn everything about the creative industries in a simple and concise way: from the very beginning to the most famous success stories.

This book will be useful for people in the creative professions, teachers, students, government officials, politicians, and consultants.

We hope, however, that our biggest audience will be readers who will be inspired by new approaches and feel part of the multibillion creative revolution that is sweeping the world today. If this book helps at least one person to come up with a new creative idea or change something in themselves that will help them be more creative and free, this means we have achieved our goal.
The first edition
More than 10 years have passed since the publication of the book Creative Industries: Theories and Practices. It was published with a limited circulation and sold out within a year. Today, in libraries of universities, where there are courses in the creative industries, creative economy, cultural studies and cultural management, there are only a few rare copies of the book.
The new edition
The new edition of the book consists of two parts. The first part is retrospective and allows readers to delve into the evolution of the creative industries from the very beginning to the 2000s. The first part of the book traces the development of the concept and examines case studies until the 2010s. Readers will find information about projects that have become an indispensable part of the history of the creative industries in Russia: For example, the story of the Art Strelka cultural center is a significant milestone of the history of creative Moscow. The second part of the book is an attempt to find a starting point of a new era that began after 2010.
The audiobook
The audiobook is available on the Lectr platform. The audiobook is free for 45 days for new users with the promo code free45. On this platform, you can also listen to Elena Zelentsova's podcast Creative Plankton, in which we discuss how and why creativity has become an industry and what we should do about it.
book presentation
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